DAPHNE Debuts Single “Rastafari”: One Love, One Heart, One Destiny.

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Charlotte, NC, July 18th 2014/ Stevens Music Entertainment is pleased to present their new artist Daphne and her first single; “Rastafari”.

Daphne is an uncompromising vocalist with ambitions to challenge the musical boundaries of urban-pop music. Inspired from her singing in church and school choirs, she intertwines delicate melodies and rhythms with intricate sounds to make beautiful music. Her debut single, Rastafari, produced by Stephen “Flames” Nkeng, combines her infectious vocals on a mellowed reggae beat infused with a touch of afrobeat drums to create a soulful, edgy and vibrant record.

“Daphne is a breath of fresh air, her voice is sultry and her vocals hug the music in an angelic way,” declared Lenny Behyia, Radio Personality at FM 105.

Of the title, Daphne had this to say “On the journey of this life, we all have a destiny we must get to. Rastafari is life’ story; at the end, we are one people, with differing views and goals- but one destiny…eventually we all meet our maker. The title of this track represents a strong desire to love one another, to be your brothers’ keeper and the hope that if you put in the work, no one can stop you from getting to your goal.

Currently working on her debut album, this single is sure to introduce Daphne to the world as a true vocalist, creative songwriter and one whose music knows no boundaries. “I am all about good music…while most of my music has an African rhythm and traditional African sounds, I do not hesitate to bring into my music international flavor…you can say my records are more universal than local.”

Rastafari comes out July 23rd 2014 and will be distributed via iTunes and other digital outlets. The accompanying video will be released on the August 4th 2014.

“The video tells a story of despair, hope and victory…one day you are down and the next day you are on a high…life goes on and we keep on believing. I hope it is well received and I am looking forward to all the feedback I can get…” she concludes.

Daphne in the studio recording “Rastafari’:

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