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Charlotte, NC, April 28th 2015/ Stevens Music Entertainment (SME) is pleased to present a new single from Daphne off her forth-coming debut album.

Several months after the release of her debut EP, “Reflection”, Daphne is back with a new single namedGunshot. With Gunshot, Daphne solidifies her place as a songwriter du jour, delicately handling a complex issue in the Cameroon music industry while addressing at the same time a growing concern in some parts of the country.

“You can call the song a double entendre,” says Daphne. “…Upon first listen, you think you’ve got the track… then the double meaning hits you…” she continues. Produced by Steven’s legendary AnyKindBeats, Gunshot is a war-themed song that is really about the struggle of artists as public targets. Like soldiers, artists are at the forefront of making their country and its culture known through their music. But in offering themselves, this makes them easy targets “…with everyone wanting to take a shot… and sometimes it’s friendly fire with artists going against artists…and sometimes not so friendly fire.”

Gunshot was motivated by the current state of the music industry. I think there is a lot of negativity going around… it’s really a cry like can’t we all just get along? I think we have come a long way and it is time to support each other; bloggers, artists, record labels, sponsors and especially the fans…and build something lasting. I truly believe we have a once in a lifetime opportunity to make history with our music”.

On the surface this song also speaks to the violence that’s going on across Africa and especially in the North of Cameroon.

With a well-choreographed video (shot by Dr. Nkeng Stephens) befitting of the messaging, Daphne goes further than she has ever gone before, pushing the envelope, presenting you with an alter ego. This video will have everyone talking. “… Artistically, we pushed it”, she laughed, “and I hope the fans will love it… no gunshots please”, she added, tongue-in-cheek.

True to her quest for unity, the video wraps up with cameos from a handful of artists currently trending in the urban music scene in Cameroon.

Daphne continues to work on her debut album anticipated for end of 2015.

“Gunshot” (Video) premieres May 3rd 2015 on the Jambo show, Canal 2 International, with subsequent web release on May 6th 2015 and will be distributed via iTunes and other digital outlets.

“I enjoyed recording this song and more so shooting the video. I hope it is well received and I look forward to performing it for you my fans…” she concludes.

Get more details on Daphne at, and on Twitter @Is_Daphne

Management and booking:

DJ Man-No-Run: 1-310-995-7099 / (USA/ America’s),

Linda Galabe: +4917631413514 (Europe/ Asia),

Pearl Louma:+237677309859 (Cameroon/ Africa),

Shan +237677232755 (Cameroon/ Africa)

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