Press Release: A Mother’s Love Knows No Bounds

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Charlotte, NC, October 21st 2015/ Stevens Music Entertainment (SME) is pleased to present a new single from Daphne off her forth-coming debut album.

“This song means so much to me. It’s with this song that my professional career in music took off. Just like my Mom gave birth to me, this song gave me a career.” Says Daphne.

After her summer-hit record “Gunshot”, Daphne is about to reintroduce herself on a new track. This song is different in many ways. It’s more Afrocentric. It’s mellow, yet has that dance feel to it. The lyrics are simple and continue to show Daphne as one of the best songwriters of her time. She takes an all too common theme and brings it to life on this track. “Mother’s Love” will resonate with almost everyone.

Mother’s Love is an infectiously beautiful song. You will be hooked on first listen. “I reached out to one of the best producers in Cameroon to make this song…PhillBillBeats!” The No Limit No Records ace producer is the architect of this great sound. He uses a heavy baseline, punchy kicks and great guitar strings that complement Daphne’s voice. For the message in the song, the music could not be any better. “PhilBillBeats in my opinion never fails” Daphne gushed.

“My Mother has been and is one of my biggest inspirations in life. She is my friend and confidante. No one loves me like she does”. Daphne

This song speaks to all the mothers and the children that will always have a shoulder to lean on no matter how old they become. The lyrics are straightforward but Daphne succeeds to pack a lot of emotions into them. Daphne delicately sings in Pidgin, English, French and Bakwerei. You probably would not notice it as you get drowned into the powerful messages in the song. A mother’s love is so powerful that others may see it as controlling. The lyrics expatiate on this theme:

“I see the way you look me,
the way that you smile at me,
but friend dem di tok say,
na fear ah di fear you
elles ne comprennent pas maman,
Maman tu es bonne,
Tu m’as elevé
tu m’as fêté, tu m’as fêté , tu m’as fêté,
Dans cette affaire Maman,
tu n’as pas de camerade…non”

As if to challenge you to come test her mother’s love for her, Daphne ends the song by inviting you to “come see my Mami”. This song will invite you to relive very fondly all the times you spent with your Mother and to cherish her going forward.

“We shot a video that captures all the elements in the song”.

This video will show a different side of Daphne, as the song will proof that Daphne cannot really be boxed into one genre. Daphne continues; “… I am a fan of good music and I hope that this single will appeal to my fans. I also hope that it will send a lot of folks calling their Mothers and make them realize how much of who they are, is because of the woman they call Mom.”

Daphne is currently in the studio finalizing her first album due end of this year.

The audio of “Mothers Love” will be released on Monday, October 26th 2015 and will be made available on all digital outlets.

“It was fun recording this track, I had a special guest with me in the studio that gave me that Mother’s Love on the track. I am looking forward to the fan reaction and to performing the song to you all.” she concludes.

Get more details on Daphne at:,
Twitter @Is_Daphne

Management and booking:
DJ Man-No-Run: 1-310-995-7099 / (USA/ America’s),
Linda Galabe: +4917631413514 (Europe/ Asia),
Pearl Louma:+237677309859 (Cameroon/ Africa),
Shan +237677232755 (Cameroon/ Africa)

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