Steven’s Music Announces Their New Artist; M-Pro

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Charlotte NC 11/04/16, Steven’s Music Entertainment is excited to introduce their new artist, M-Pro and his upcoming single. M-Pro is a seasoned hip hop artist despite his young age. He joins Daphne on the label’s roster and is looking forward to making music that is consistent with the label’s rich history of producing good music.


M-Pro’s Music is contemporary yet steeped in the traditional elements of Cameroonian folk sounds. The results of which is hip hop that is suitable to be consumed at all levels; danceable, punchy and always telling a story.

“I make music to sensitize people on issues but also to make them bob and move…I want to leave the listener with a lasting impression of each of my tracks”

M-Pro’s debut single “Didong” is produced by the Legendary “AnyKindBeatz”. “Didong” is a social conscious song that addresses a fundamental ill in our society; Police corruption. This is an intensely rhythmic track, characterized by traditional African drums and mixed with the popular trap sounds of today’s hip hop. The end product is an addictive sound with extended grooves, a catchy hook and suitable for any dance floor.

“Didong” Drops On the 8th of November and will be accompanied by an exquisite video thereafter.

“I am excited about ‘Didong’, it is my first single and I can’t wait to let the world hear it… to start building my fan base and take in all the feedback” M.Pro

Brief Bio:

M-Pro whose real name is Prosper Mbella Enem, discovered his love for music and the arts at a very tender age. His stage name “M-Pro”, coined from his real names, was born out of the desire to brand himself as uniquely as his talent, which extends to painting and dancing (yes, he owns a dance group).


In his own words; “I am inspired by God because I feel like The Almighty has already equipped me with all I need to succeed”


M-Pro’s goal is to be the very best while making music that’s unique and thoughtful. He has a clear cut vision for his future and looks to the continuous support of God to crown his efforts with success. He comes from a family whose core values are centered around love and who are very supportive of his budding career.


The future looks bright for this wonder kid.


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Management and booking:

DJ Man-No-Run: 1-310-995-7099  / (USA/ N America),

Pearl Louma:+237677309859 (Cameroon/ Africa),



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