PRESS RELEASE: Steven’s Music Presents Shura: “Hold My Hands” and “We Will Grow” Together

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From Pearl Louma
Stevens’s Music Entertainment

Steven’s Music Presents Shura: If You “Hold My Hands”, “We Will Grow”

Bamenda, Cameroon, 12/23/16. Steven’s Music Entertainment Introduces Shura as part of our fantastic line up of super talented artists. Shura adds a new dimension to our label, bringing in more soul, more traditional music and an angelic voice that will get you hooked on her first notes. We are excited to explore all her musical talents and have you experience them through her Music.

Though unknown in the Music industry, we are certain you will soon know who Shura is. Her influence spans many genres including R&B, Afrobeat, Pop, Soul, Reggae and especially Mbaghulum from the grass fields of Bamenda. With killer vocals, she will soon be a force to reckon with.

Shura was born in Yaounde – Cameroon, but has since moved to Bamenda to pursue her career in Music. She planted her roots at Alliance Franco in Bamenda, honing her skills and recording tracks with Doby Kums. Signing with SME is a clear sign of her maturity as an artist and she has since had the opportunity to Record with the legendary AnyKindBeats, Chabizee, Godema and Doby.

Shura’s hard work has paid off, and today she will be releasing two singles off her debut album coming out in 2017. With these singles, shura is making a statement to the industry that she is here to stay, that she is the real deal.


“Te Be Kwi” is a song that will make you move. It’s a feel good song with a tinge of highlife to it. Shura effortlessly weaves through the track singing in Akum (Nguemba). “Te Be Kwi” meaning “We Will Grow” is inspirational, a hopeful track that encourages hard work as a means to forging ahead. The track is produced by the indefatigable CFX Music and Godema (who is about to stake a claim as one of the best producers in Cameroon)

“Beu teu fah cheuneuh te be kwih ghan neu mbyieur “(if we work hard we will grow and forge ahead)


“Gweme Bo Za” is a moving confession of a mother to her child. It’s a conversation between mother and child, that encourages the child to always count on the mother who will always have a hand out for her/him. “Gweme Bo Za” (Hold My Hands in Akum Dialect) is a sentious, touching song that is made even more so by an artfully done video shot my Dr. Nkeng Stephens of CPE/SME. The song is produced by Godima.

Today we bring you a superstar in the making, we hope you love the singles and especially the video.
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